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With our instruments and songs we recall the times when people still understood the language of birds, could taste the sunshine in a brunch of grape, knew the order of feasts, could cry and rejoice together and could recover by the power of music.

We play music taken from the animating source of Hungarian folk tradition and following the noted days of the year to children and adults. We sing about God, love, wine, valour, Hungarian homeland, human fate, death and resurrection.

Our performances and dance-houses reflect the recent and distant past of musical culture and the thinking of eastern nations. We ask for help from our tales, our folk dance treasure and from silence as well.

We would like to keep the heritage entrusted to us alive and recreate it.

Folk music concerts, dancehouses

The music we play is taken from the inexhaustible source of Hungarian folk music. We think onward the characteristics of our instruments and the possibilities offered by our musical roots. During the thematic performances you can listen to love, feast, harvesting and drinking songs, historical songs and dance tunes as well.

We rely mostly on the long history of Hungarian folk music with special regard to the tunes of the Middle Ages preserved by Csángó Hungarian people of Moldva. At the same time, our music has become soaked with the musical thinking of equestrian people of Central Asia and we turn with open ears to improvisations connected to oriental musical patterns.

Aranyalma Páros
Vaskó Zsolt  +36 20 368 3027
Gebri Bernadett  +36 20 501 0979

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